VVD Collection for B&B Italia


In 2001 B&B Italia challenged Vincent Van Duysen to design a day bed. Maybe because he is an architect and not a genuine furniture designer, Vincent Van Duysen decided that the object of his design should not be a drastic reinvention. Rather than setting a new standard, the collection shows an interpretation of the classics like Hansen, Mies Van Der Rohe or Kjaerholm.

Together with the team of the Research an Development Centre of B&B Italia, Vincent Van Duysen created an object which is reminiscent of these classics, but with a clear identity. Working closely together through discussions, prototypes and material research, the day bed went through different transformations and resulted in a series of elements to sit or lie on where, taking B&B Italia’s reputation into account, the priorities of the design lay in the quality, comfort and permanence.

The day bed is a flat thin seat combined with a slim steel structure. Its floating, light appearance is emphasized by adding one pure curve. For the other elements a concept of a central base has been later developed.

The different heights and widths of the seats give them different meanings and uses. The rotation base of each chair increases the comfort and communicative quality. By gradually thinning the back and over-sizing the width of the seat, adding armrests is unnecessary and the seat has different sort of comfort. Certain models have an extra cushion for lower back support.

Although the units have a contemporary design, the simplicity of the design and the variety of materials make them flexible in use and surrounding. Some of the tone down colours combined with a black base and overall leather finish, allow the chair to blend in with a classic interior; opposite to that expression, the seat coloured yellow with a yellow base and woollen fabric is much younger and a real eye catcher in any interior. The day bed and its derivatives can be placed in different combinations, so all positions between sitting and lying down can be obtained.

B&B Italia


Places of Spirit magazine, April-May 2015


Alberto Piovano