Landmark & Timeout Outdoor Collections for Molteni&C

2022 — 2023

Nature is an important part of our life: a connection that aims to rediscover the lost time of seasons and colours, and the pleasure of outdoor living, accompanied by furniture and objects designed especially for welcoming spaces. A freedom that has never been yearned for as much before now, a sensitivity - for living en plein air - that is closely related to respect for nature and the concept of sustainability. The new Outdoor proposal draws its inspiration from the exclusivity of refined Italian excellence. These are also characteristics of the creative universe of artistic director Vincent Van Duysen, who has coordinated two extensive collections that mark Molteni&C's important debut in outdoor furniture. This is a natural consequence of the company's journey into the art of living. The products are interpreted by the most important contemporary designers, from Foster + Partners to Ron Gilad, from Gio Ponti to creative director Vincent Van Duysen.

Landmark, the collection characterised by solid teak, is harmoniously designed to allow outdoor spaces to be experienced with comfort and elegance, expressing itself through a material and emotional character. It is a true milestone, a reverence that enhances Molteni&C's mastery in magnifying natural elements into furniture with timeless appeal. The Palinfrasca sofa and armchair, based on Luca Meda's 1994 project, recall the brilliant mind concealed by light-hearted veils, inspiring the union of poles and branches [pali e frasche] in a basket, representing a safe and intimate place. A voluptuous weave that becomes a founding structure, dynamic and fluid.

The Timeout Collection, instead, features metal as the predominant material. A reference to modernist architecture, where the apparently cold character is mitigated by its fine lines. A contemporary interpretation of bronzed metal, softened by the intertwined ropes of the backrests or the natural materials of the various elements. Weaving the story of a suspended and regained atmosphere, where time becomes a well-deserved reconciliation break with outdoor spaces, to be experienced with extreme freedom and versatility. A range of products that refer to natural places where the city becomes a mere outline.

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